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So our humble couple has found out that they're pregnant. What entails is a series of thoughts, memories and pictures as they get closer to becoming a family...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen; We Have Heartbeat!

the squiggles on the dotted line surround the little one.  though neither of us could really make out very much of anything; the heartbeat itself was very cool.  a visual representation of the audio is what is below the ultrasound.

marcy did take a flu shot, even though she was hesitant having not taken one in the past.  we now have several pounds worth of paper literature of which we are currently reviewing.  spencer carried bags around all day and the labyrinthine task of moving from elevator to elevator and station to station was more than a little overwhelming.

a few more weeks until we have another visit, with 12 more to go until we know boy or girl.  that being said, we did have two indicators that could go either way:

1. evidence for girl:  when the nurse was trying to find the baby, she yelled "girl" which caused us both some confusion, but was in fact a reference to marcy's skinniness and her uterus being further into her back.

2. evidence for boy:  when placing the delicate photo of the ultrasound into a pregnancy book the doctor gave us, marcy randomly placed the picture onto the page about vasectomies, which featured a pretty elaborate diagram of male genitalia.  we shared a collective, immature giggle.

on to reading our many materials...

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