The story so far...

So our humble couple has found out that they're pregnant. What entails is a series of thoughts, memories and pictures as they get closer to becoming a family...

Monday, November 15, 2010

12 weeks down!

Went to my 12 week doctors appointment. by myself today. Spencer couldn't get away from work.
When the doc was ready to check out the heartbeat with her little sound machine, I was going to try to record it with my iPhone, but she was having trouble finding the baby. I was trying not to panic, and told her that the ultrasound tech at the last appointment had to dig into my gut pretty hard in order to hear it. She gave up on her dinky sound machine and took me over to the ultrasound to look at the bugger on the screen.  I didn't end up hearing the heartbeat but for a moment I saw baby Blimpson bounce about on the screen and the doctor pointed to me where the heart was beating.   It happened so fast and I was so excited, I forgot to get my phone out. At least I have another picture to show.  The round circle on the left is the head, the oval to the right is the body. If you can figure it out, hurray!

We haven't posted much and here I'm ending my first trimester already, so I'll try to give you a bit more insight into what we (and by we, I mean mainly me) have been up to.

1.  Started feeling nauseous at about 6 weeks. I was fine in the morning. Could still eat my cereal and bacon every morning, but after that, the rest of the day sucked. Dinner time was the worst.  I think smelling food was the kicker.  GARLIC ahhh!!!!!!! yuck!
2.  My backside hurt when Spencer and I were walking a lot in Asheville. (vacation was really nice)
3. Trying to sleep at night on my side with a pillow between my legs.  I like falling asleep on my stomach, and figured I needed to quit that habit pretty soon. Thought I would hate it a lot, but has been going pretty good so far.  Spencer's not much of a fan of it though.
4. Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night now.
5. Had to retire a few pairs of pants about a month ago (the ones that were already tight before I was pregnant), but now the ones I wore belts with are now about too tight.  I've recently had to hide my waistband a few times at work for fear my coworkers would see my rubberband trick. (yes, I still have not told them)
6. Staring to get my appetite back.  Things I like to eat:  any type of beef,  cheese, milk, ice cream,  mexican, pasta and tomato sauce, plain pork, bacon, mac and cheese, breads, a little fruit, some veggies (usually with cheese or bacon bits)
Things I still won't eat: chicken, garlic, fish, BBQ, other strong smelly food.

So how is Baby Blimpson? He/She is having a good ol' time now that he's got all 10 fingers and toes. In fact, she's forming fingerprints on those tiny little digits this very week. Busy making neural synapses, he/she's is 3inches long and weighs 1oz.

I'll take a photo of my belly this weekend, and maybe Spencer can show off his as well.