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Monday, January 10, 2011

20 Weeks down - 20 to go!

Sooooo...... we were suppose to have the very important ultrasound today to find out the sex of our little Blimpson, but Mother Nature decided differently.  Today was probably the first time in my life I wish it hadn't snowed.  We haven't rescheduled our appointment yet.  Hopefully we will be able to and find out baby Blimpson's secret soon.

In the mean time,  I thought I would go ahead and post my 20 week pictures.  Or rather my "boy, looks like Marcy's let herself go!" pictures.  It's true.  My sweet tooth kicked in when Christmas (and all its goodies) came around.  I'm hoping I'll start looking pregnant soon, and not just out of shape.

Christmas was good to us this year with all the sweet baby gear (rhyme unintended). The guest room is starting to pile up with baby things and work on the nursery is well underway. 

As you can see we've emptied Jezebel's room of all the boxes and such, and I spent the day scraping decorative border decals off the walls. (Robyn, do you see your rainbow pegboard in the window!) I 'm hoping to have the room patched and ready for painting as soon as we find out boy or girl. I sound like a woman with a plan, but in actuality, I have no idea how I want to decorate. I just have that drive to get this room done and this house ready for baby.

Until we get to the doc to see that ultrasound, I don't have much else to report at this point.  So I'll end this post with a list of my favorite foods at the moment.
sausage buscuit
classic Coca-cola
Hershey bar with almonds (thanks Phyllis)
Simpson's signature spinach salad

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  1. I craved Coke Classic when I was pregnant. The first time I felt Evelyn kick was right after I downed a can of coke.