The story so far...

So our humble couple has found out that they're pregnant. What entails is a series of thoughts, memories and pictures as they get closer to becoming a family...

Monday, February 7, 2011

24 Weeks

Wow, this month has gone by fast.  I can't even tell you what we've done this month.  Let's see, I met one of the other doctors in the office at this months visit. He was an older gentleman that seemed very nice.  Think I'd be perfectly fine with him delivering Violet if he's the one on call.  Again, I was told Violet's heartbeat was "perfect!"  I start to suspect the doctors, nurses, and techs are trained to say that.  If they are, I don't care.  If the word is used to ease any anxieties or eliminate any questions about the strength of the baby's heart, it works.  They can say it every time because I love hearing it.

Sausage biscuits are still my favorite food.  I drink a mini can of coca-cola everyday, and there have been a number of trips to Cold Stone Creamery lately.  A Like It is not enough these days, I've moved up to Love It. I won't be surprised if I eventually get a Gotta Have It in a waffle cone.  Ok, getting sad I can't have some right now. Let's move on.

Spencer and I checked out about 5 daycares around Trussville a few weekends ago. We are hoping that we won't have to have Violet in full time daycare, but at least we have an idea of what there is in Trussville just in case. 
I've got 6 paint samples up on the walls in the nursery right now.  I think I've decided on the shade of gray, but now I've been thinking of painting one of the walls a deep plum.  I can't commit quite yet though. After putting the plum samples on the wall, I've been thinking "Is it too dark?" or " Is this just going to look weird with the gray?" 
We did our taxes this weekend, so we have a good idea of what are money situation will be like in the coming months and what we might be able to afford as far as baby furniture is concerned and if we can still get some other repairs done to the house before baby gets here. 
I just finished reading Girlfriends Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood, now I'm reading What to Expect the First Year. I think I'm on book number 6, including one Spencer got at Christmas that I read in one night. It's funny, I read all of these books trying to educate myself on anything and everything, and can't help but get the feeling I'm still going to be crying for momma asking for help and advice. 
All in all, everything is going smoothly.  Violet makes herself known on and off throughout the days, and I've still got a fair amount of energy right now.  The third trimester doesn't start for a few more weeks I think.  Although, I have been dozing off on the couch at night again lately. My only physical complaints right now are waking up with back pain,  occasional round ligament pains, not being able to bend over or lift my legs as easily, and getting a little sad when I've finished eating and run out of food.


  1. Awww, Marcy you look so cute!!! Sweet little bump! Someone get Marcy some ice cream, sausage biscuits, or chocolate pronto!

  2. D'oh, even a pregnant Marcy is still skinnier than me.
    Love that pregnant lady glow!