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So our humble couple has found out that they're pregnant. What entails is a series of thoughts, memories and pictures as they get closer to becoming a family...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

26 weeks

So February is down and all that is left is a March, an April, and a May!  February finished with some furniture, a painted room, a 32-year-old husband, and a case of some very uncomfortable feet.
We saved some serious bank when we ordered our furniture a couple of weeks ago. Of course that made Marcy very happy.  We went through Babies R Us (not sure what keyboard shortcut does the backwards "R", so you'll just have to use your imagination), but that was not without its issues.  First, we had quite a few instances of under-trained store employees.  No one knew much about the furniture, no one knew how to order properly, and no one knew how to have something shipped.  At one point we had four employees helping us at the same time, all of them not quite sure how to use the computer, but on the upside, they were very insistent on several coupons and promotions.  So we ended up with some gift cards and a hefty percentage of the price tag reduced... the delivery is another story, one that took place the following Friday.

That evening, a Saturday, and we were late for it due to the ordering brouhaha, was Spencer's celebratory birthday dinner (the actual day was Sunday) and we had some sushi.  it was actually birthday dinner number three of four for the 32-year-old dad-to-be.  One thing Violet won't be light on will be plenty of loving family members (and gramma's and grandpa's), so we had to visit and catch up with all of them.

The following Friday was the awful delivery day.  It started with a 2 to 4 dropoff time that ended up being 730.  The driver was not the most courteous individual with regards to our property or our bodies.  it was just one guy and a truck (and there was a woman in the passenger seat, we assume was his wife) and he had a handtruck and thank goodness Spencer was there or we never would have gotten the stuff in the house.  He proceeded to nearly take out a chunk of the wall on several occasions, and rammed Spencer in the heel with his handtruck at one point out of sheer clumsiness or on account of rushing to get out of our house.  Speaking of rushing, as he drove off, backing down the driveway, he took out half of our crepe myrtle, leaving a mud flap from his truck as a souvenir.  On the plus side, our furniture is great:

It's still for the most part covered up in sheets of thin Styrofoam and the crib isn't even constructed yet.  Marcy's mom has been diligently painting the nursery and finishing up this weekend.  Here's a pic of the room with a coat of our gorgeous new wall color, the covered furniture, and the much appreciated free labor:

We are actually a week and a half behind posting this blog entry because we ran out of time uploading the 26th week photo before Marcy headed off to Fairhope for work, and also out of sheer laziness.  While out of town, she experienced her first case of swollen feet, a major downside of pregnancy.  Long days of working on her feet will do this to a pregnant Marcy:

Still at this point in the pregnancy, it's not all bad.  Violet gives us little kicks to the tummy that can been seen even under a sweater, so it's exciting to know how much bigger and stronger she is, meaning how much closer we are to meeting the little girl we're both already so madly in love with.

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